The HS Bat Core Series

HS has come out with another bat in their ‘Core’ series of cricket bats. This one follows its previous successful predecessor the HS Core 5 cricket bat. For those of you not familiar with the HS brand of cricket bats, HS is a cricket bat manufacturing company based in Sialkot, Pakistan.

Some other bats from the bat manufacturer include: The HS 41, HS 5 Star, HS Zaib, HS Somo, HS Spark etc. The bat manufacturer has gained prominence in recent years by making some savvy business decisions which include but are not limited to signing players like;

Ahmed Shehzad, Sarfaraz Khan, Muhammad Hafeez, Younis Khan (who has since moved on and signed with Indian bat manufacturer SG), Baber Azam and Umar Akmal amongst others. The bats in many regards are similar in profile to the CA cricket bats.

A major way in which they differ, however, from their bigger, more dominant competitor is that they don’t carry the heavy price tag as the CA bats do. That, perhaps, in many ways could explain the success of the bat manufacturer in the overly competitive bat manufacturing market.

Their core series is one step further in their ambition to take away market share from their bigger, major competitor – CA. The HS Core 7 Cricket bat seems to be a right step in that direction. The bat, is expertly crafted from specially selected Grade 1 english Willow. It has a large sweet spot and big edges, fitted with a round sarawak cane handle.

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Profile, Weight And Edge Size

The concave profile allows for a nice wide sweet spot on the bat and the bat pings nicely with a cricket ball, signalling plenty of power even at the bottom, and off centre. A very responsive cricket bat. The balance is nice but the grip feels a little too thin. Putting a thicker grip should improve how the bat feels in the hands.

The manufacturer mentions a weight between 2.8 to 2.10 lb for the Core 7 bats. The edges are 39-40 mm thick and are embossed with the HS burnt logo on both sides. The use of stickers with nice chrome details is a nice touch and adds to the overall attractiveness of the bat and really makes it pop.

The bat comes with a padded cover from the manufacturer that is free of charge. A word of caution however seems apt. Bats from Pakistan listed on the internet are frequently inconsistent with their specifications and one should either demand for original photos of the bat or better still go to a store and physically handle the bat they wish to buy.

Overall, the HS Core 7 is an excellent performing cricket bat that once oiled and knocked in should only get better.

Thank you for reading our review and Good luck on your cricketing journey. Cheers and Kudos!

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