Brian Lara was once in a generation batsman. There probaly wasn’t anyone like him nor will the world witness the finesse of Lara anytime soon in the future.

Lara’s sole contributions underpinned with Chanderpaul’s low-profile high-impact innings’ has been the highlight of what West Indies did in 2000s.Lara holds the record of scoring most runs in a Test match for a losing side.

Assert a guess? Lara scored 351 runs against Sri Lanka in 2001 in the 3rd Test match of a three-match series between the two nations.

Remarkably, West Indies lost the Test match by 10 wickets. Lara scored 221 runs out of West Indies’ first innings total of 390.

Sri Lanka managed to gain a lead of 237 runs in the first innings. The southpaw scored 130 in the second innings to take his team to 262 to setup a meagre target of 26 runs.

Sri Lanka made no errors and won the match by 10 wickets.

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