Alan Hurst, an Australian right-arm fast bowler of 1970’s holds the record of most ducks in a Test series – 6.

Agarkar missed the mark by 1 duck. Agarkar scored 5 ducks in 6 innings against Australia in 1999/00.

However, he managed to score 19 runs in the 6th innings and ended with a series batting average of 3.16.

Can there be anyone who has done worst than Agarkar with 5 ducks in a test series?

Yes, 7 batsmen have lower batting average in a Test series after being dismissed for a duck 5 times.

Worst of all is no other than our 1983 world cup hero – Mohinder Amarnath.

Soon after the world cup triumph, West Indies toured India for a 5-Test series.

Amarnath played 3 Test matches, batted in 6 innings, was dismissed for a duck in 5 innings and scored ‘1’ run in the 6th innings, ending the series with a record low batting average of 0.16.

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